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Male suicide among construction workers in Australia: a qualitative analysis of the major stressors precipitating death

Allison Milner, Humaira Maheen, Dianne Currier, Anthony D LaMontagne

BMC PUBLIC HEALTH | BMC | Published : 2017


BACKGROUND: Suicide rates among those employed in male-dominated professions such as construction are elevated compared to other occupational groups. Thus far, past research has been mainly quantitative and has been unable to identify the complex range of risk and protective factors that surround these suicides. METHODS: We used a national coronial database to qualitatively study work and non-work related influences on male suicide occurring in construction workers in Australia. We randomly selected 34 cases according to specific sampling framework. Thematic analysis was used to develop a coding structure on the basis of pre-existing theories in job stress research. RESULTS: The following th..

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