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First episode psychosis moderates the effect of gray matter volume on cognition

Luis FS Castro-de-Araujo, Richard AA Kanaan



Patients with first episode psychosis (FEP) present with cognitive deficits and volume differences in certain brain areas. Brain volumetric information further correlates with cognitive testing, and multiple brain areas shows different strengths of correlation with the cognitive functions being tested. Traditionally, these cognitive functions are independently related to volumetric differences, but these functions share variance. Failing to account for this aspect of cognition hinders the proper representation of cognition in neuroimaging studies. We used modeling methods which account for this shared variance to investigate the differences of correlations between cognitive abilities and bra..

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Awarded by CAPES Foundation Ministry of Education of Brazil, Brasilia

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Prof Geraldo F Busatto and Dr. Fabio LS Duran from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Sao Paulo for providing guidance on the access and use of data for this research. This work was supported by CAPES Foundation Ministry of Education of Brazil, Brasilia (grant number 0893/14-5).