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Impact of viral hepatitis aetiology on survival outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma: A large multicentre cohort study

S Mgaieth, W Kemp, P Gow, M Fink, J Lubel, A Nicoll, A Gazzola, T Hong, M Ryan, V Knight, AT Dev, S Sood, S Bell, E Paul, SK Roberts



While HBV and HCV are risk factors for HCC, uncertainty exists as to whether these viral infections have prognostic significance in HCC. Thus, we compared the overall survival of patients with HBV, HCV and nonviral HCC, and evaluated whether the presence of HBV and HCV predicts patient outcomes. We conducted a multicentre study of HCC cases diagnosed at six Melbourne tertiary hospitals between Jan 2000-Dec 2014. Patient demographics, liver disease and tumour characteristics and patient outcomes were obtained from hospital databases, computer records and the Victorian Death Registry. Survival outcomes were compared between HBV, HCV and nonviral hepatitis cases and predictors of survival deter..

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