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Why we need positive education 2.0

MA White, A Buchanan

Future Directions in Well-Being: Education, Organizations and Policy | Published : 2017


What's next in well-being? We argue it's Positive Education 2.0. The American psychologist Corey Keyes explains, "It is often said that our youth is this nation's future. If true, then there is too much mental illness to look forward to in the future" (Keyes C, The nature and importance of positive mental health in America's Adolescents. In: Furlong MJ, Gilman R, Huebner ES. Handbook of positive psychology in schools. Routledge, New York, pp 9-23, 2014). Never before have schools received the call to educate a new generation to lead global challenges of such complexity. Notwithstanding Keyes observations, this is a global challenge and it requires a global approach as the World Health Organi..

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