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Competence in the use of supraglottic airways by Australian surf lifesavers for cardiac arrest ventilation in a manikin

Lachlan Holbery-Morgan, Cara Angel, Michelle Murphy, James Carew, Finn Douglas, Robert Murphy, Natalie Hood, Andrew Rechtman, Christopher Scarff, Nicholas Simpson, Andrew Stewardson, Daniel Steinfort, Sam Radford, Ned Douglas, Douglas Johnson



OBJECTIVES: Lifesavers in Australia are taught to use pocket mask (PM) rescue breathing and bag valve mask (BVM) ventilation, despite evidence that first responders might struggle with these devices. Novices have successfully used the Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) Supreme and iGel devices previously, but there has been no previous comparison of the ability to train lifesavers to use the supraglottic airways compared to standard techniques for cardiac arrest ventilation. METHODS: The study is a prospective educational intervention whereby 113 lifesavers were trained to use the LMA and iGel supraglottic airways. Comparisons were made to standard devices on plastic manikins. Successful ventilatio..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge the support of the Life Saving Victoria Research Department, and in particular Dr Bernadette Matthews. The authors particularly thank the volunteer lifesavers who gave up their time to participate, without whom the study would not have been possible. The study was supported by an unrestricted research grant from the Australian Resuscitation Council-Victorian Branch. A small volume of iGel devices were supplied by Mayo Healthcare, a distributer of the iGel. Neither the Australian Resuscitation Council Victorian Branch nor Mayo or its representatives had any involvement nor influence over the study initiation, design, recruitment, data collection, analysis, authorship, submission or distribution of the study.