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A commercial ELISA detects high levels of human H5 antibody but cross-reacts with influenza A antibodies.

Sacha Stelzer-Braid, Bruce Wong, Peter Robertson, Garry W Lynch, Karen Laurie, Robert Shaw, Ian Barr, Paul W Selleck, Cristina Baleriola, Ros Escott, Gregory Katsoulotos, William D Rawlinson

Journal of Clinical Virology | Published : 2008


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Commercial serological assays to determine influenza A H5N1 infection are available, although the accuracy and reproducibility of these are not reported in detail. This study aimed to assess the validity of a commercial ELISA H5 hemagglutinin (HA) antibody kit. STUDY DESIGN: A commercial ELISA for detection of antibodies towards influenza A H5 HA was evaluated using human sera from vaccinated individuals. The ELISA was used to screen 304 sera with elevated influenza A complement fixation titres collected between the period 1995-2007. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: The ELISA was found to be accurate for sera with high levels of anti-H5 antibodies, and would be useful in c..

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