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Survey of the bp/tee genes from clinical group A streptococcus isolates in New Zealand - implications for vaccine development

John D Steemson, Nicole J Moreland, Deborah Williamson, Julie Morgan, Philip E Carter, Thomas Proft

Journal of Medical Microbiology | SOC GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY | Published : 2014


Group A streptococcus (GAS) is responsible for a wide range of diseases ranging from superficial infections, such as pharyngitis and impetigo, to life-threatening diseases, such as toxic shock syndrome and acute rheumatic fever (ARF). GAS pili are hair-like extensions protruding from the cell surface and consist of highly immunogenic structural proteins: the backbone pilin (BP) and one or two accessory pilins (AP1 and AP2). The protease-resistant BP builds the pilus shaft and has been recognized as the T-antigen, which forms the basis of a major serological typing scheme that is often used as a supplement to M typing. A previous sequence analysis of the bp gene (tee gene) in 39 GAS isolates ..

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