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A cladistic study of Arillastrum, Angophora and Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae)


Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society | Published : 1983


A cladistic study of Anllastrum, Angophora and Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae). Transformed cladistic; character compatibility; branch and bound, and Farris‐Wagner methods gave similar solutions in a cladistic study of Arillastrum, Angophora and Eucalyptus. These analyses, based on morphological characters, indicate that Eucalyptus is a monophyletic group and that its sister taxon is Angophora. Within Eucalyptus, subgenera Blakella and Corymbia are sister taxa to all other groups; subgenera Monocalyptus, Idiogenes and Gaubaea form a monophyletic group with subgenus Monocalyptus sister to subgenera Idiogenes and Gaubaea; subgenera Symphyomyrtus and Telocalyptus together also form a monophyletic group ..

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