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Taxonomic revision of eucalyptus alpina s.L. and recognition of three new species, e. victoriana, e. serraensis and e. verrucosa

PY Ladiges, T Whijfin

Australian Systematic Botany | Published : 1993


Forms previously recognised within Eucalyptus alpina Lindl., an endemic of the Grampian Ranges, Victoria, are described as three new species. E. victoriana sp. nov. occurs in the Mt Thackeray area, Victoria Range; it is a tall tree with smooth upper branches and flaky bark on the lower trunk, adult leaves which are broad-lanceolate, buds which are slightly warty, and fruits which are compressed-hemispherical with a level to slightly ascending disc. E. serraensis sp. nov. is a small tree or mallee of the Wonderland Range and northern Serra Range; adult leaves are ovate, apiculate and coriaceous, buds are warty, and fruits have a broad, distinctly raised disc. E. verrucosa sp. nov. is a small ..

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