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A new species of stringybark, eucalyptus mackintii, from eastern victoria and its phenetic and cladistic relationships

MH Kottek, PY Ladiges, T Whiffin

Australian Systematic Botany | Published : 1990


Populations of stringybark trees from East Gippsland, with affinities to Eucalyptus macrorhyncha, were studied by pattern analyses of adult and seedling morphology, leaf volatile oils and flavonoid composition. They had previously been determined as hybrids, or as referable to an undescribed taxon. Samples of E. deuaensis, E. globoidea, E. macrorhyncha and E. muelleriana were included to assess the affinities of E. aff. macrorhyncha to other stringybark taxa. No evidence was found to support a hybrid origin of E. aff. macrorhyncha, and it is described as E. mackintii sp. nov. In adult morphology E. mackintii is similar to, but distinct from E. macrorhyncha, whereas in seedling morphology the..

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