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Variations in populations of Eucalyptus ovata Labill., and the effects of waterlogging on seedling growth

RD Clucas, PY Ladiges

Australian Journal of Botany | Published : 1979


Techniques of classification and ordination were used to describe the pattern of variation in tree form and leaf, fruit and seedling morphology found in four southern Victorian populations, referred to as Eucalyptus ovata (swamp gum), from sites differing in mean annual rainfall, soil type and severity of waterlogging. Trees from sites with higher mean annual rainfall were large in stature (33 + m) and smooth-trunked with a variable amount of flaky bark at the base. Fruits were typical of E. ovata in shape, although their size, and that of leaves, varied from west to east from relatively large to small. In drier coastal areas in western Victoria trees may be short (5 m), multi-stemmed, large..

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