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Geographical variation in morphology of eucalyptus mannifera and allied taxa

JA Chappill, PY Ladiges

Australian Systematic Botany | Published : 1992


An extensive geographical survey of Eucalyptus mannifera, previously recognised as comprising five subspecies, and one population of the closely related E. scoparia has been carried out. Phenetic analyses including data on adult and juvenile morphology showed E. mannifera to consist of three forms, corresponding to subspecies elliptica, subspecies praecox and an intergrading complex of subspecies maculosa, mannifera and gullickii. E. scoparia was most similar to, although phenetically distinct from, subspecies mannifera. These forms were not indicated as a monophyletic group when included in a cladistic analysis of the informal section Maidenaria to which they belong. It is therefore recomme..

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