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Eucalyptus aromaphloia Pryor & Willis - A redefinition of geographical and morphological boundaries

J Chappill, PY Ladiges, D Boland

Australian Journal of Botany | Published : 1986


Adult and seedling morphological data collected for 37 populations referred to Eucalyptus aromaphloia Pryor & Willis have been analysed using a range of multivariate classification and ordination techniques. The analysis of adult leaf, bud and fruit morphology revealed only a subtle pattern of geographical variation of limited diagnostic significance. Differentiation in terms of seedling morphology was more marked, and four groups were identified. A relatively high incidence of character segregation in progeny from individual trees was observed and.the implications of this are discussed. Two of the four groups encompass seedlings with non-glaucous, narrow juvenile leaves and round stems. The..

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