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Morphological variation within eucalyptus nitens s. Lat. and recognition of a new species, e. denticulata

IO Cook, PY Ladiges

Australian Systematic Botany | Published : 1991


The complete geographic range of Eucalyptus nitens s. lat. (shining gum) was sampled to determine the pattern of variation in adult and seedling morphology. Analyses of the different data sets indicated the presence of two distinct taxa: one, characterised by denticulate adult leaf margins, is described as E. denticulata sp. nov.; the other, characterised by entire leaf margins, is E. nitens s. str. Many other characters distinguish the two taxa. Mature trees of E. denticulata have leaves with higher oil gland density, longer peduncles, more cup-shaped rather than barrel-shaped fruit, more frequently exserted valves, and rounded and longer flower buds compared with E. nitens s. str. Seedling..

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