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Morphological Variation within the Boronia grandisepala Group (Rutaceae) and the Description of Nine Taxa Endemic to the Northern Territory, Australia

MF Duretto, PY Ladiges

Australian Systematic Botany | Published : 1997


Within Boronia Sm. section Valvatae (Benth.) Engl. the B. grandisepala F.Muell. species group is characterised by a calyx as large or larger than the corolla, simple leaves, and multiangular stellate hairs. The group includes B. grandisepala, a related complex of species, and six newly described species: B. amplectens Duretto, B. quadrilata Duretto, B. suberosa Duretto, B. verecunda Duretto, B. viridiflora Duretto and B. xanthastrum Duretto. All taxa are endemic to the Northern Territory. A phenetic analysis using clustering techniques and multidimensional scaling was used to define taxa within the B. grandisepala species complex. Four taxa were recognised in the complex and three, B. grandi..

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