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Cladistic relationships and biogeographic patterns in the peppermint group of Eucalyptus (Informal subseries Amygdalininae, subgenus Monocalyptus) and the description of a new species, E. willisii

PY Ladiges, CJ Humphries, MIH Brooker

Australian Journal of Botany | Published : 1983


A preliminary study of eastern Monocalyptus suggested that the peppermint eucalypts, informal subseries Amygdalininae, form a monophyletic group whose sister taxon is series Pilulares. Subseries Amygdalininae was then analysed using four cladistic methods: transformed cladistic method, Wagner trees, a branch and bound method (all three being parsimony methods) and character compatibility analysis. The branch and bound method produced the shortest trees, four in all. They suggested that, within the Amygdalininae, Eucalyptus pulchella is the sister species to E. amygdalina, which in turn is the sister species to all other taxa. The remaining species from Tasmania form a monophyletic group char..

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