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Differential susceptibility of two populations of Eucalyptus viminalis labill. to iron chlorosis

PY Ladiges

Plant and Soil | Published : 1977


In comparing two populations of E. viminalis observations indicated that plants of a calcareous population (i) showed a greater yield at high pH, and when subjected to Fe-stress, (ii) took longer to develop chlorosis, (iii) more quickly developed new roots, and (iv) were capable of removing more Fe from solution than were plants of an acid population. Some Fe-stressed plants also appeared to be able to reduce Fe3+ to Fe2+, but population differences have not yet been clearly established. Plants from an acidic population accumulated very high levels of P in leaves when grown in alkaline solutions and, consequently, exhibited high P/Fe ratios, chlorosis, and symptoms of P toxicity. © 1977 Mart..

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