Book Chapter

The future of leadership – New directions for leading and learning

G Lakomski, CW Evers, S Eacott

Questioning leadership – New directions for educational organizations | Routledge - Taylor & Francis | Published : 2017


The chapters in this book raise a great number of critical issues about leader-centrism that scholars of leadership need to address. It is important to recall that the primary motivation for Questioning Leadership was to investigate, if not restore, the balance in explanation that since the 1980s has favoured leader-centrism as the dominant, a priori, account for organisational functioning at the expense of organisational–institutional factors that have both provided the context for leadership and exercised their own constraints on organisational performance (e.g. Perrow, 1986 [1993]). Different answers and solutions have been offered in the chapters of this book on how to address, or redres..

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