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Transcriptional slippage controls production of type III secretion apparatus components in Shigella flexneri

Christophe Penno, Abderrahman Hachani, Latefa Biskri, Philippe Sansonetti, Abdelmounaim Allaoui, Claude Parsot

Molecular Microbiology | WILEY | Published : 2006


During transcription, series of approximately 9 As or Ts can direct RNA polymerase to incorporate into the mRNA nucleotides not encoded by the DNA, changing the reading frame downstream from the slippage site. We detected series of 9 or 10 As in spa13, spa33 and mxiA encoding type III secretion apparatus components. Analysis of cDNAs indicated that transcriptional slippage occurs in spa13, mxiA and spa33. Changes in the reading frame were confirmed by using plasmids carrying slippage sites in the 5' part of lacZ. Slippage is required for production of Spa13 from two overlapping reading frames and should lead to production of truncated MxiA and Spa33 proteins. Complementation of spa13 and mxi..

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