Journal article

Regulatory RNAs and the HptB/RetS signalling pathways fine-tune Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenesis

Christophe Bordi, Marie-Cecile Lamy, Isabelle Ventre, Elise Termine, Abderrahman Hachani, Sandy Fillet, Beatrice Roche, Sophie Bleves, Vincent Mejean, Andree Lazdunski, Alain Filloux

Molecular Microbiology | WILEY | Published : 2010

University of Melbourne Researchers


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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank S. Lory and L. Brizuela for providing the PAO1 orf collection; P. Barbry, V. Magnone and G. Rios for support in spotting microarray; Y. Denis for support on microarray analysis; and H. Combe for careful reading of the manuscript. I.V. was supported by a Philipp Morris foundation grant, M.C.L by ANR grant 05-MIIM-040-01 and A.H. by the European network of excellence EuroPathoGenomics. C.B. is supported by CNRS funding, the French Cystic Fibrosis foundation (VLM) and ANR grant 05-MIIM-040-01. A.F. is supported by the Royal Society, the EST Marie Curie Grant No. MEST-CT-2005-020278 and MRC Grant No. G0800171/ID86344.