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The Changing Hydrodynamic Performance of the Decellularized Intact Porcine Aortic Root: Considerations on In-Vitro Testing

Tomaso Bottio, Vincenzo Tarzia, Carlo Dal Lin, Edward Buratto, Giulio Rizzoli, Michele Spina, Alessandro Gandaglia, Filippo Naso, Gino Gerosa

The Journal of Heart Valve Disease | I C R PUBLISHERS | Published : 2010


BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY: The most effective method for decellularization of the intact porcine aortic root remains controversial. Additionally, the hydrodynamic effect that such treatment may have on aortic roots has never been previously investigated. The study aim was to compare the in-vitro hydrodynamic performances of intact porcine aortic roots, both before and after decellularization treatment. METHODS: Fifteen fresh porcine aortic roots were tested in the aortic chamber of the Sheffield pulse duplicator (SPD). For study purposes, the roots were first sutured to a silicone aortic root and then hydrodynamically tested. After in-vitro testing, the fresh porcine aortic roots, whil..

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