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The prognostic impact of diastolic dysfunction in patients with chronic heart failure and post-acute myocardial infarction: Can age-stratified E/A ratio alone predict survival?

Marzia Rigolli, Andrea Rossi, Miguel Quintana, Allan L Klein, Cheuk-Man Yu, Stefano Ghio, Frank L Dini, David Prior, Richard W Troughton, Pier L Temporelli, Katrina K Poppe, Robert N Doughty, Gillian A Whalley, undefined MeRGE Collaborators

International Journal of Cardiology | Published : 2015


OBJECTIVE: To determine the prognostic implications of diastolic filling grades and identify whether age-stratified E/A ratio alone can identify patients at high risk of death post-AMI and HF. We hypothesized that in response to ageing and pathology, a normal E/A (>1) could be considered abnormal in patients post-AMI older than 65years, and that in patients with symptomatic HF, a normal E/A always represents advanced diastolic dysfunction. METHODS AND RESULTS: This is a sub-analysis of the Meta-analysis Research Group in Echocardiography (MeRGE) which combined individual patient data from 30 prospective studies and demonstrated that restrictive filling was an important and independent predic..

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