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Size-based fractionation of native milk fat globules by two-stage centrifugal separation

P Dhungana, T Truong, M Palmer, N Bansal, B Bhandari

Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies | Published : 2017


A two-stage centrifugal separation method, at various separation temperatures and feed rates, was employed to fractionate milk and cream on the basis of fat globule size. It involved a modified and a conventional centrifugal separation in first and second stages, respectively. In the first stage, two streams of milk: one rich in larger fat globules and another rich in smaller fat globules, were obtained by fractionation in a modified cream separator. In the second stage, the two streams from the first stage were each further fractionated in a conventional cream separator. Depending on the temperature and feed rate of the first stage, this double separation method was able to create streams w..

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