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Crystal structures and morphologies of fractionated milk fat in nanoemulsions.

Tuyen Truong, Garry P Morgan, Nidhi Bansal, Martin Palmer, Bhesh Bhandari

Food Chem | Published : 2015


The triacylglycerol (TAG) crystal structures and morphologies of fractionated milk lipids in nanoemulsions were investigated at 4°C. Droplet size (0.17 versus 1.20 μm), lipid composition (stearin versus olein) and cooling rate (1 versus 10°C min(-1)) had an influence on the structural properties. Five crystal polymorphs (α, β'1, β'2, β1, and β2) were formed with either triple and/or double chain length structures in the solid phases of the emulsified systems. X-ray scattering peak intensities were reduced with the nanoemulsion particles. The internal structure of TAG exhibited stacking of individual lamellar layers (3.8-4.2 nm). Various anisometric shapes of fat nanoparticles were formed due..

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