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The stability and biological activity of cytokinin metabolites in soybean callus tissue.

LM Palni, MV Palmer, DS Letham

Planta | Published : 1984


The activity, uptake and metabolism of cytokinin metabolites was determined in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) callus tissue. The following activity sequence was established: zeatin riboside (ZR)>zeatin (Z)>O-glucosides of Z, ZR and their dihydro derivatives>lupinic acid (an alanine conjugate of Z)>7- and 9-glucosides of Z which were almost inactive. The 7- and 9-glucosides and lupinic acid were taken up very slowly by the callus tissue and showed great metabolic stability, but some degradation to 7-glucosyladenine, 9-glucosyladenine and the 9-alanine conjugate of adenine occurred. Compared with its aglycone, O-glucosyl-ZR exhibited slow uptake and greatly enhanced stability but gas chromat..

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