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Neuron-glia communication: metallothionein expression is specifically up-regulated by astrocytes in response to neuronal injury.

Roger S Chung, Paul A Adlard, Justin Dittmann, James C Vickers, Meng Inn Chuah, Adrian K West

J Neurochem | Published : 2004


Recent data suggests that metallothioneins (MTs) are major neuroprotective proteins within the CNS. In this regard, we have recently demonstrated that MT-IIA (the major human MT-I/-II isoform) promotes neural recovery following focal cortical brain injury. To further investigate the role of MTs in cortical brain injury, MT-I/-II expression was examined in several different experimental models of cortical neuron injury. While MT-I/-II immunoreactivity was not detectable in the uninjured rat neocortex, by 4 days, following a focal cortical brain injury, MT-I/-II was found in astrocytes aligned along the injury site. At latter time points, astrocytes, at a distance up to several hundred microns..

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