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A review of whole-plant water use studies in tree.

Stan D Wullschleger, FC Meinzer, RA Vertessy

Tree Physiol | Published : 1998


Weighing lysimeters, large-tree potometers, ventilated chambers, radioisotopes, stable isotopes and an array of heat balance/heat dissipation methods have been used to provide quantitative estimates of whole-tree water use. A survey of 52 studies conducted since 1970 indicated that rates of water use ranged from 10 kg day(-1) for trees in a 32-year-old plantation of Quercus petraea L. ex Liebl. in eastern France to 1,180 kg day(-1) for an overstory Euperua purpurea Bth. tree growing in the Amazonian rainforest. The studies included in this survey reported whole-tree estimates of water use for 67 species in over 35 genera. Almost 90% of the observations indicated maximum rates of daily water ..

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