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A novel approach for biomarker selection and the integration of repeated measures experiments from two assays

Benoit Liquet, Kim-Anh Le Cao, Hakim Hocini, Rodolphe Thiebaut

BMC BIOINFORMATICS | BMC | Published : 2012


BACKGROUND: High throughput 'omics' experiments are usually designed to compare changes observed between different conditions (or interventions) and to identify biomarkers capable of characterizing each condition. We consider the complex structure of repeated measurements from different assays where different conditions are applied on the same subjects. RESULTS: We propose a two-step analysis combining a multilevel approach and a multivariate approach to reveal separately the effects of conditions within subjects from the biological variation between subjects. The approach is extended to two-factor designs and to the integration of two matched data sets. It allows internal variable selection..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported, in part, by the Wound Management Innovation CRC (established and supported under the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres Program) for K-A.LC. Financial support of the VAC18 trial was provided by the French Natioanl Agency for Research on AIDS and Hepatitis (ANRS); Sanofi Pasteur provided HIV-LIPO-5 vaccine. The authors would like to thank the VAC18 study group to provide the data.