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Copy number variants including RAS pathway genes-How much RASopathy is in the phenotype?

Christina Lissewski, Sarina G Kant, Zornitza Stark, Ina Schanze, Martin Zenker

Am J Med Genet A | Published : 2015


The RASopathies comprise a group of clinically overlapping developmental syndromes the common pathogenetic basis of which is dysregulated signal flow through the RAS-MAPK pathway. Mutations in several components or modifiers of the pathway have been identified in Noonan syndrome and related disorders. Over the past years copy number variants (CNVs) encompassing RAS pathway genes (PTPN11, RAF1, MEK2, or SHOC2) have been reported in children with developmental syndromes. These observations raised speculations that the associated phenotypes represent RASopathies, implying that the increased or reduced expression of the respective RAS pathway component and a consecutive dysregulation of RAS path..

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