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Defects in tRNA Anticodon Loop 2'-O-Methylation Are Implicated in Nonsyndromic X-Linked Intellectual Disability due to Mutations in FTSJ1.

Michael P Guy, Marie Shaw, Catherine L Weiner, Lynne Hobson, Zornitza Stark, Katherine Rose, Vera M Kalscheuer, Jozef Gecz, Eric M Phizicky

Hum Mutat | Published : 2015


tRNA modifications are crucial for efficient and accurate protein synthesis, and modification defects are frequently associated with disease. Yeast trm7Δ mutants grow poorly due to lack of 2'-O-methylated C32 (Cm32 ) and Gm34 on tRNA(Phe) , catalyzed by Trm7-Trm732 and Trm7-Trm734, respectively, which in turn results in loss of wybutosine at G37 . Mutations in human FTSJ1, the likely TRM7 homolog, cause nonsyndromic X-linked intellectual disability (NSXLID), but the role of FTSJ1 in tRNA modification is unknown. Here, we report that tRNA(Phe) from two genetically independent cell lines of NSXLID patients with loss-of-function FTSJ1 mutations nearly completely lacks Cm32 and Gm34 , and has re..

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