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Solution Synthesis of Phytochelatins, Isopeptides from the Plant Kingdom

W Zeng, B Hemmasi

Liebigs Annalen der Chemie | Published : 1992


Phytochelatins which are linear peptide polymers of the γ‐glutamylcysteine portion of glutathione with the general formula H‐[γ‐Glu‐Cys]n‐Gly‐OH (n = 2–11) are the main components for the detoxification of heavy metals in the plant kingdom. So far these peptides have been mostly obtained by isolation from cell suspension cultures. We have now prepared some of these (n = 2–4) by the classical solution synthesis under mild conditions. For the protection of amino, carboxyl and thiol functions Nps, tBu and StBu protecting groups have been employed, respectively. The characterization of the peptide intermediates and final products has been achieved by mass spectrometry, 13C‐NMR spectroscopy and a..

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