Journal article

A simple PCR method for rapid genotype analysis of Mycobacterium ulcerans

T Stinear, JK Davies, GA Jenkin, F Portaels, BC Ross, F Oppedisano, M Purcell, JA Hayman, PDR Johnson

Journal of Clinical Microbiology | AMER SOC MICROBIOLOGY | Published : 2000


Two high-copy-number insertion sequences, IS2404 and IS2606, were recently identified in Mycobacterium ulcerans and were shown by Southern hybridization to possess restriction fragment length polymorphism between strains from different geographic origins. We have designed a simple genotyping method that captures these differences by PCR amplification of the region between adjacent copies of IS2404 and IS2606. We have called this system 2426 PCR. The method is rapid, reproducible, sensitive, and specific for M. ulcerans, and it has confirmed previous studies suggesting a clonal population structure of M. ulcerans within a geographic region. M. ulcerans isolates from Australia, Papua New Guine..

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