Journal article

Stinging insect allergies. Assessing and managing.

I Glaspole, J Douglass, D Czarny, R O'Hehir

AfP | Published : 1997


BACKGROUND: Mortality secondary to insect sting anaphylaxis, though uncommon in this country, is a genuine risk to patients with venom hypersensitivity. A number of non specific and specific preventive measures are available to minimise this risk. They include proper patient counselling regarding sting avoidance and the use of self injectable adrenaline, as well as venom specific immunotherapy. OBJECTIVE: This article attempts to review the spectrum of insect sting reactions, their appropriate assessment and subsequent management. Anaphylaxis is particularly emphasised with regard to first aid treatment and subsequent prevention. DISCUSSION: The most common causes of insect stings in Austral..

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