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Intensified Biobutanol Recovery by using Zeolites with Complementary Selectivity

Stijn Van der Perre, Pierre Gelin, Benjamin Claessens, Ana Martin-Calvo, Julien Cousin Saint Remi, Tim Duerinck, Gino V Baron, Miguel Palomino, Ledys Y Sanchez, Susana Valencia, Jin Shang, Ranjeet Singh, Paul A Webley, Fernando Rey, Joeri FM Denayer



A vapor-phase adsorptive recovery process is proposed as an alternative way to isolate biobutanol from acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation media, offering several advantages compared to liquid phase separation. The effect of water, which is still present in large quantities in the vapor phase, on the adsorption of the organics could be minimized by using hydrophobic zeolites. Shape-selective all-silica zeolites CHA and LTA were prepared and evaluated with single-component isotherms and breakthrough experiments. These zeolites show opposite selectivities; adsorption of ethanol is favorable on all-silica CHA, whereas the LTA topology has a clear preference for butanol. The molecular sie..

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Awarded by FWO Vlaanderen

Awarded by Spanish Government

Funding Acknowledgements

S.V.D.P. and J.F.M.D. are grateful to FWO Vlaanderen for financial support (G025614N). M.P., L.Y.S., S.V. and F.R. gratefully acknowledge financial support of Spanish Government (MAT2015-71842P and Severo Ochoa SEV-2012-0267). The authors thank to A. Vidal and T. Blasco for performing NMR measurements and discussion.