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Putting Regenerative Development into Action: Understanding the Decision Making Process of a 680 Hectare Regenerative Project

D Hes, A Stephan, S Moosavi

World Sustainable Building Congress 2017: Transforming Our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration: Putting Ideas into Action | Construction Industry Council, Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited | Published : 2017


The built environment is responsible for significant environmental impacts. It is therefore a central research area to balance ecological and built systems and allow them both to thrive. While the majority of previous and existing attempts have targeted minimising environmental impacts, regenerative development goes beyond reduction and aims to restore and support environmental, social and economic flows. Yet, very few projects to date have been able to demonstrate a regenerative outcome. This is because few consulting firms currently offer regenerative design thinking, which is in turn linked to a lack of understanding of processes that support decision making in regenerative development pr..

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