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Stormwater infiltration and the 'urban karst' - A review

Jeremie Bonneau, Tim D Fletcher, Justin F Costelloe, Matthew J Burns



The covering of native soils with impervious surfaces (e.g. roofs, roads, and pavement) prevents infiltration of rainfall into the ground, resulting in increased surface runoff and decreased groundwater recharge. When this excess water is managed using stormwater drainage systems, flow and water quality regimes of urban streams are severely altered, leading to the degradation of their ecosystems. Urban streams restoration requires alternative approaches towards stormwater management, which aim to restore the flow regime towards pre-development conditions. The practice of stormwater infiltration—achieved using a range of stormwater source-control measures (SCMs)—is central to restoring basefl..

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Awarded by ARC Future Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully thank Melbourne Water Corporation and Knox City Council for funding as well as Yarra Valley Water and Yarra Ranges City Council. The authors thank Chris Walsh, Hugh Duncan, and anonymous reviewers who greatly improved the manuscript. GIS data was obtained from Dr. Joshpar Kunapo. T.D. Fletcher was supported by an ARC Future Fellowship (FT100100144) during part of this research.