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A novel two-stage genetic algorithm for image reconstruction of electrical resistance tomography

S Asgarifar, J Frounchi, MH Zarifi, A Mahdizadeh

International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing | Published : 2010


In this paper, we present a combined GA-ERT method based on two-stage genetic algorithm for image reconstruction in electrical resistance tomography (ERT). Image reconstruction in ERT is an ill-posed inverse problem and we have replaced the reverse solver by a two-stage optimization algorithm. The first stage of GA-ERT is reach to an approximate shape and location of the object. Also in this stage, we proposed a new electrode arrangement for ERT forward solver to reduce the process time of the forward problem. In the second stage, the GA employs result of the first stage as an initial population instead of a random group. Therefore with the local zoom, the GA can be employed to obtain the sh..

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