Journal article

Muttalib-Borodin ensembles in random matrix theory - realisations and correlation functions

Peter J Forrester, Dong Wang

Electronic Journal of Probability | UNIV WASHINGTON, DEPT MATHEMATICS | Published : 2017

University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The work of PJF was supported by the Australian Research Council. The work of DW was partially supported by the start-up grant R-146-000-164-133. Thanks are also given to the Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore, for hosting a visit during July 2014 when this work was begun. We thank Arno Kuijlaars and Lun Zhang for spotting misprints in an earlier version. We thank Dongzhou Huang for noticing that the theta is an element of (0; 1) case of Proposition 1.3 requires a deformation of Sigma other than a vertical line.