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Natural environments, nature relatedness and the ecological theater: connecting satellites and sequencing to shinrin-yoku

Jeffrey M Craig, Alan C Logan, Susan L Prescott



Recent advances in research concerning the public health value of natural environments have been remarkable. The growing interest in this topic (often housed under terms such as green and/or blue space) has been occurring in parallel with the microbiome revolution and an increased use of remote sensing technology in public health. In the context of biodiversity loss, rapid urbanization, and alarming rates of global non-communicable diseases (many associated with chronic, low-grade inflammation), discussions of natural vis-a-vis built environments are not merely fodder for intellectual curiosity. Here, we argue for increased interdisciplinary collaboration with the aim of better understanding..

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JMC is supported by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (Grant numbers 437015 and 607358) and the Financial Markets Foundation for Children (Grant number 032-2007) and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, which is supported in part by Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support program. All authors are members of the World University Network's International Inflammation Network (in-FLAME)