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Estimating cell diffusivity and cell proliferation rate by interpreting IncuCyte ZOOM™ assay data using the Fisher-Kolmogorov model.

Stuart T Johnston, Esha T Shah, Lisa K Chopin, DL Sean McElwain, Matthew J Simpson

BMC Syst Biol | Published : 2015


BACKGROUND: Standard methods for quantifying IncuCyte ZOOM(™) assays involve measurements that quantify how rapidly the initially-vacant area becomes re-colonised with cells as a function of time. Unfortunately, these measurements give no insight into the details of the cellular-level mechanisms acting to close the initially-vacant area. We provide an alternative method enabling us to quantify the role of cell motility and cell proliferation separately. To achieve this we calibrate standard data available from IncuCyte ZOOM(™) images to the solution of the Fisher-Kolmogorov model. RESULTS: The Fisher-Kolmogorov model is a reaction-diffusion equation that has been used to describe collective ..

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