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Trends in diet, nutritional status, and diet-related noncommunicable diseases in China and India: the economic costs of the nutrition transition.

BM Popkin, S Horton, S Kim, A Mahal, J Shuigao

Nutr Rev | Published : 2001


Undernutrition is being rapidly reduced in India and China. In both countries the diet is shifting toward higher fat and lower carbohydrate content. Distinct features are high intakes of foods from animal sources and edible oils in China, and high intakes of dairy and added sugar in India. The proportion of overweight is increasing very rapidly in China among all adults; in India the shift is most pronounced among urban residents and high-income rural residents. Hypertension and stroke are relatively higher in China and adult-onset diabetes is relatively higher in India. Established economic techniques were used to measure and project the costs of undernutrition and diet-related noncommunica..

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