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Residential infiltration of fine and ultrafine particles in Edmonton

Jill Kearney, Lance Wallace, Morgan MacNeill, Marie-Eve Heroux, Warren Kindzierski, Amanda Wheeler



Airborne indoor particles arise from both indoor sources and ambient particles that have infiltrated indoors. The intra-urban variability of infiltration factors (Finf) is a source of measurement error in epidemiological studies estimating exposure from a central site measurement, hence information on the within and between-home variability of Finf is useful to better characterize ambient PM exposure. The objective of this paper was to estimate magnitudes and predictors of daily residential infiltration factors (Finf) and ambient/non-ambient components of indoor ultrafine particle (UFP) and fine particle (FP) concentrations. FPs and UFPs were measured continuously for 7 consecutive days in 7..

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Awarded by Clean Air Regulatory Agenda (Health Canada)

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to acknowledge the study participants and Health Canada staff Ryan Kulka, Tim Shin, Keith Van Ryswyk and Hongyu You. We would also like to thank Nina Dobbin and Deborah Schoen (Health Canada) for their comments. Funding for this work was provided by the Clean Air Regulatory Agenda (Health Canada) under contract #4500295639.