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Sharing the housebound experience through visual storytelling

J WAYCOTT, H Davis, DA Shamma (ed.), J Yew (ed.), B Bailey (ed.)

ACM SIGCHI | Published : 2017


This pictorial aims to demonstrate the power of video for fostering creative personal storytelling among people who normally have limited opportunities to share their experiences. We discuss two video stories, created in collaboration with participants in a project that aimed to enable housebound people to share their stories within the local community. We present screenshots from the stories, with commentary explaining how each image encapsulated the storyteller's life experiences. These show how imagery, combined with narrative, can evocatively communicate the experiences of people who are housebound, potentially fostering empathy among others within the community. Visual storytelling can ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This project was supported with a grant from the Melbourne Networked Society Institute (formerly the Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society). The project was conducted in collaboration with a community health organization and we would like thank Joanne Grigg for supporting our work with this organization. We are extremely grateful to our participants who generously agreed to share their stories with us and who gave permission for these stories to be shared in this forum. The two participants featured here gave permission for their images to be used. We are also grateful to our colleagues Gretel Taylor, Deborah Warr, and Fran Edmonds, for their contributions to the project.