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Barrier-to-Autointegration Factor (BAF) involvement in prelamin A-related chromatin organization changes

Manuela Loi, Vittoria Cenni, Serena Duchi, Stefano Squarzoni, Carlos Lopez-Otin, Roland Foisner, Giovanna Lattanzi, Cristina Capanni



Chromatin disorganization is one of the major alterations linked to prelamin A processing impairment. In this study we demonstrate that BAF is necessary to modulate prelamin A effects on chromatin structure. We show that when prelamin A and BAF cannot properly interact no prelamin A-dependent effects on chromatin occur; similar to what is observed in human Nestor Guillermo Progeria Syndrome cells harboring a BAF mutation, in HEK293 cells expressing a BAF mutant unable to bind prelamin A, or in siRNA mediated BAF-depleted HEK293 cells expressing prelamin A. BAF is necessary to induce histone trimethyl-H3K9 as well as HP1-alpha and LAP2-alpha nuclear relocalization in response to prelamin A ac..

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Awarded by Italian MIUR FIRB

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[ "A.I.Pro.Sa.B., Italian Association for Progeria, Italy", "A.I.D.M.E.D. Italian Association for Emery Dreifuss Muscular Distrophy", "\"5 per mille\" 2011/2012 Rizzoli to Laboratory of Musculoskeletal Cell Biology", "Italian MIUR FIRB 2010 Prot. RBAP10KCNS" ]