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Thiophene-Based Compounds as Fluorescent Tags to Study Mesenchymal Stem Cell Uptake and Release of Taxanes

S Duchi, P Dambruoso, E Martella, G Sotgiu, A Guerrini, E Lucarelli, A Pessina, V Cocce, A Bonomi, G Varchi



Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) are multipotent cells that display the unique ability to home and engraft in tumor stroma. This remarkable tumor tropic property has generated a great deal of interest in many clinical settings. Recently, we showed that hMSC represent an excellent base for cell-mediated anticancer therapy since they are able to internalize paclitaxel (PTX) and to release it in an amount sufficient to inhibit tumor cell proliferation. In order to shed light on the dynamics of drug uptake and release, in the present paper we describe the synthesis of two novel thiophene-based fluorophore-paclitaxel conjugates, namely PTX-F32 and PTX-F35, as tools for in vitro drug tracking. ..

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Awarded by Progetto FIRB-Accordi di programma

Awarded by Italian Ministry of Health

Funding Acknowledgements

Research was supported by Progetto FIRB-Accordi di programma 2010 COD. RBAP10447, Italian Ministry of Health (Project IOR-2006-422755), that financed the research fellowship for Elisa Martella and Serena Duchi.