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Breastfeeding initiation, duration and exclusivity in mothers with epilepsy from South West China

Nanya Hao, Han Jiang, Mengqian Wu, Tianying Pan, Bo Yan, Jie Liu, Jie Mu, Wenyu Liu, Jinmei Li, Terence J O'Brien, Zhibin Chen, Frank Vajda, Dong Zhou



PURPOSES: 1) To study the breastfeeding initiation, duration and exclusivity rates, and common reasons for early weaning in Chinese mothers with epilepsy (MWE); 2) To identify potential perinatal breastfeeding correlations with selected sociodemographic and clinical factors. METHODS: A semi-structured questionnaire was administered to 281 MWE attending hospitals in South-west China from February 2014 to July 2015. Data about breastfeeding behaviors, sociodemographic, obstetric, and epileptic variables were collected. Descriptive analyses, followed by univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses, were utilized to examine associations with breastfeeding, its duration and exclusivit..

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Awarded by National Nature Science Foundation of China (NNSFC)

Funding Acknowledgements

We wish to thank all colleagues assisting in this investigation and all MWE for consenting to participate in this survey and providing information. This study was supported by the National Nature Science Foundation of China (NNSFC, Grant Nos. 81301186 and 81420108014).