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Glaucoma genetics: where are we? Where will we go?

JE Craig, DA Mackey

Current Opinion in Ophthalmology | Published : 1999


The understanding of the genetic basis of the glaucomas has advanced rapidly. Mutations in the myocilin gene (previously known as TIGR) at the GLC1A locus on chromosome 1q21-q31 occur in a subset of patients with juvenile- and adult-onset primary open-angle glaucoma. Five other genetic localizations for primary open-angle glaucoma have now been reported. In patients with primary congenital glaucoma, mutations have been found in the CYP1B1 gene on chromosome 2p21. At least one other locus for primary congenital glaucoma is mapped. In the developmental glaucomas, mutations in the PITX2 gene on chromosome 4q25 have been associated with Rieger syndrome, iris hypoplasia, and iridogoniodysgenesis...

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