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Deletions and rearrangement of CDKN2 in lymphoid malignancy.

G Stranks, SE Height, P Mitchell, D Jadayel, MA Yuille, C De Lord, RD Clutterbuck, JG Treleaven, RL Powles, E Nacheva

Blood | Published : 1995


Recurrent abnormalities of the short arm of chromosome 9, including translocations and interstitial deletions, have been reported in both leukemia and lymphoma. The pathologic consequences of these abnormalities remain unknown. The cyclin-dependent kinase 4 inhibitor (CDKN2) gene, which maps to 9p21, has been implicated by the finding of a high frequency of biallelic deletions in leukemic cell lines. We have determined the incidence of structural abnormalities affecting CDKN2 by DNA blot in a panel of 231 cases of leukemia and lymphoma and 66 cell lines derived from patients with lymphoid malignancies with defined cytogenetic abnormalities. Structural alterations of CDKN2 were seen in 20 (8...

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