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Magnetic field-induced enhancement of the nitrogen-vacancy fluorescence quantum yield

M Capelli, P Reineck, DWM Lau, A Orth, J Jeske, MW Doherty, T Ohshima, AD Greentree, BC Gibson



The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre in diamond is a unique optical defect that is used in many applications today and methods to enhance its fluorescence brightness are highly sought after. We observed experimentally an enhancement of the NV quantum yield by up to 7% in bulk diamond caused by an external magnetic field relative to the field-free case. This observation is rationalised phenomenologically in terms of a magnetic field dependence of the NV excited state triplet-to-singlet transition rate. The theoretical model is in good qualitative agreement with the experimental results at low excitation intensities. Our results significantly contribute to our fundamental understanding of the phot..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thanks Dr Daniel Drumm and Assoc. Prof. Jared Coles for the fruitful discussion on the theoretical modelling and the non- linear optimization. This work has been supported by ARC grants (CE140100003 and LE140100131). M. C. acknowledges the support of a PhD scholarship from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics and RMIT University. M. W. D. acknowledges the support of an ARC DECRA Fellowship (DE170100169) and both A. D. G. and B. C. G. acknowledge the support of ARC Future Fellowships (FT160100357 and FT110100225, respectively).