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Self-organization in the localised failure regime: Metastable attractors and their implications on force chain functionality

S Pucilowski, A Tordesillas, G Froyland

EPJ Web of Conferences | Published : 2017


In transitive metastable chaotic dynamical systems, there are no invariant neighbourhoods in the phase space. The best that one can do is look for metastable or almost-invariant (AI) regions as a means to decompose the system into its basic self-organising building blocks. Here we study the metastable dynamics of a dense granular material embodying strain localization in 3D from the perspective of its conformational landscape: the state space of all observed conformations as defined by the local topology of individual grains relative to their first ring of contacting neighbors. We determine the metastable AI sets that divide this conformational landscape, such that grain rearrangements from ..

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